Joshua Multiads
Advert Management and CRM system for Classified Media Publishers

Joshua's flagship ad management and CRM (customer relationship management) tool. MultiAds has been managing ads, content, customers and billing for Classified Publishers since 1992 and remains one of the most comprehensive systems available.

Joshua Multipage
The complete pagination and layout system!

Joshua's Classified ad layout and print engine. Designed for use with Joshua's ad management systems, but can be used as an independent system with any ad management system. Second to none in terms of pure performance. Get your ads out there fast, squeeze the deadline.

Joshua Multipoint
Optimise Circulation and reduce Waste with our Distribution Engine.

Joshua's Circulation and Distribution system, MultiPoint will help you to avoid paper waste & over supply, yet keep availability. MultiPoint's calculation of optimal circulation using it's proprietary formula will ensure the right delivery to outlets without compromising visibility. Includes support for data from multiple Distributors.

Joshua integrated
An extremely powerful and versatile advert management system which meets current and future publishing demands!

Joshua's latest and greatest in advert management and CRM (customer relationship management). Entirely web based system, managing your content from start to finish, and even allowing your customers to manage their own ads.