Joshua Advanced Media Systems was incorporated in 1996 in Turku, Finland originally specialising in complex software systems for Classified Ad Publishers around the world. Now, more than a decade on, Joshua specialises in a number of other areas relating to software design and development and ICT consultancy. Joshua continues to be ahead of the curve in terms of data systems development for the fast changing market place and is focused on clear and frequent communication with its client base for mutual benefit.

Since our humble beginnings in Turku in 1996, Joshua now has operational bases in Spain and Ireland.

Konstantin Kandler  German
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Original co-founder, Konstantin Kandler from Hamburg Germany qualified in Languages in 1988. A fluent German, English & Spanish speaker, during his college years, he worked in Annoncen Avis in Hamburg, one of Germany's most successfully free-ad papers of the time. He later went on to manage the IT department there for several years before forming Joshua in 1996, in Turku, Finland. Konstantin has been designing and developing software solutions for the classified media market for almost 20 years, and his experience is evident in our classified products and other developments, aimed squarely at the customers needs.
Stephen MacLachlan  Irish
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Joining the Company in 1998, Stephen MacLachlan studied electronics during his college years and after a brief stint of moderate fame in a rock group, moved into the IT industry in 1992. Following his experience as IT manager in Buy & Sell, Ireland's largest classified ad paper, Stephen moved to Joshua and formed the Irish subsidiary company, now Joshua's HQ. Having a background in software design and development for classified media publishers and many other data systems, the Company has broadened its market space in the last 10 years to cover many expert areas in IT.
Quoka Verlag  German
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Germany's largest classified paper group, Quoka Verlag, holds a stake in Joshua since its founding in 1996. Quoka continues to dominate the German market and are a continual support to the development of Joshua.